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Lili Yogini:

registered yoga teacher Lili Yogini RYT
Hi I'm Lili Yogini, pronounced Lee Lee; Yogini pronounced Yo-Kee-Nee  (female yoga practitioner) I'm also known as Leigh McCarthy, owner and teacher at Lili Yogini Yoga Studio.

My goal as a yoga teacher is to share what I know about the wonderful benefits of practicing yoga., to teach, train and guide our community, to bring the healing, relaxation and strength we connect to on our yoga mat, into the world!  

 Through my personal yoga practice,  I have found strength, flexibility, stamina, self confidence, and peace of mind.  I began practicing yoga as a means to controlling my anxiety disorder and chronic back pain..  While yoga certainly keeps those two issues in control, it is the peace of mind and comfort within myself that keeps me on the mat!  Through yoga practice, my life is balanced, comfortable, and I accept myself exactly as I am today.  It is my sincerest hope to share this peace, and what I have learned from yoga with anybody who has room to improve. Whether it is to learn how to relax, get in shape, stay in shape, improve your posture and balance, or work on specific conditions or goals,  I earnestly believe, yoga can be the improvement you're looking for!

As you come to your first class with me, you will quickly realize that I am not the picture of perfect physical fitness, nor do I form my body into a pretzel position.  It is through my own limitations that I offer patience and compassion to my students..  I believe that my style of teaching is welcoming and comfortable for those of all shapes, sizes, and abilities.  I offer a nurturing environment where we will all learn and grow at our individual pace.  So please, come as you are!

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